Financial Stewardship Network was created by financial advisors who wanted to provide publishing opportunities, a positive marketing outlet to meet like-minded professionals and clients, and found that opportunities among traditional associations are gone for advisors who are:

Individualistic, thoughtful leaders who often disagree, not like-minded "thought leaders" and cheerleaders of collectivism,

principled advisors, not those who use their positions for political agendas,

fiduciaries in the common law version of the word, who know that expertise and flexibility are necessary to serve a clients best interests, not 'check-the-box' activities in"fiduciary rules" created by conflicted and political actors,

professionals who value our diversity in all ways, but mostly in that we recognize the value of diversity to the public when it comes without divisive agendas and egos,

stewards who follow common sense principles, which, unfortunately are not common with financial associations, leaders, and advisors today.

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The Advisors Advocate

The network is by advisors and for advisors. We are not interested in turning members into a huge revenue stream, using you for our lobbying agendas, giving positions and awards only to like-minded members, or doing anything but promoting the message of sound financial planning and advice.

As the industry pushes for similarity and collectivism, many organizations have destroyed years of human capital and relationships in consumer outreach in exchange for lobbying for industry controls. Our goal is entirely opposite and to fill that void - to promote advisors and to bring our message together.

Our Mission
To promote the positive aspects and value of all types of financial advisors as leaders and stewards, and to educate the public and create marketing opportunities for advisors who have different views of advancing financial security.
How We're Different

In most associations your dues go towards overpaid CEOs and lobbying efforts that seem like someone else's agenda, not yours.

+ No lobbying or politics; we just promote the greatness of advisors.

+ Connect under a big tent with people from all walks that have similar principles.

Membership Categories

1) Financial Advisor Steward - First year commitment; month ongoing

Benefits for Financial Advisor Steward Members

  • Advisor profile (coming soon)

  • Foundational Story™ storyboard page

  • Blog marketing privileges

  • Use of FSN Member logo for your website

  • Access to internal discussion forums and groups

  • Writing privileges to the blog

  • Support from like-minded professionals

  • Stay in touch with your community online or with the FSN App

We're looking for advisors wanting to scream from the mountaintops the stories of their positive contributions to the world. And, we know we have a better plan for that than any association out there.

2) Stewardship Advocate

Advocate members are professionals not registered or licensed as investment professionals who also have a passion for working with and meeting financial advisors committed to higher standards.


  • Accountant or tax professional

  • Money coach / budget / cash flow expert

  • Insurance professional

  • Mortgage broker

  • Banker

  • Long-term care professionals

  • Media / financial blogger

Benefits to Stewardship Advocate Members:

  • Shorter advisor profile (coming soon)

  • Access to internal discussion forums and groups

  • Writing privileges to the blog

3) Expert Contributor

Contribute to our blog with links back to your site.

Potential future members should stay in touch and show your support by placing your signature on our principles page. Doing so will allow you to participate in "thoughtful leadership" releases and help keep your profession free for needed discussion and debate! 



Our general requirements for becoming a member are:

1) Members work in or be an advocate for any aspect of financial advice related to individual consumers (financial advisors, accountants, tax preparers, writers, authors, bloggers, etc.).

2) Be referred by a member or have a publicly-verifiable commitment to sound leadership, stewardship, and governance concepts

Financial advisors and all membership categories - Behavioral Governance Society members who are eligible to use the L5 marks meet this requirement.

3) Financial advisors members who are either Registered Investment Advisor representatives or licensed advisors generally must have at least 10 years of experience and a regulatory record free from adverse conduct.

Advisor and Stewardship Advocates with the L5 marks, working under a CEFEX-certified firm, or holding designations or training from qualified fiduciary-training organizations such as 3ethos or fi360.

Non-advisor Stewardship Advocates may not need the experience requirements, training and other credentials will be considered. Unregistered or unlicensed budget coaches who have passed the Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach training will be assumed to have met experience requirements. The Financial Stewardship Network is not affiliated with Ramsey Solutions or any affiliated organization.

4) To publicly agree to our principles.

Membership requirements are flexible for outstanding individuals and may be limited geographically for certain member types.

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