Behavioral Governance Society And The Future Financial Advisor

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Financial Stewardship Network co-founding member Rob Schmansky writes at Forbes about his experience at 3ethos' Behavioral Governance Society training about how inspirational their research will be for the future financial advisor.

"While it often feels to me like the industry has been stuck in park, focused more on issues that don’t advance or protect our interests, Trone has been driving forward, raising the bar for investment managers by focusing on improving leadership behaviors. It’s something that I believe will soon transform the personal financial services field as well, and provide a real differentiator for advisors, though not in terms of being fiduciaries.

The future may not exist at all with fiduciary standards, but rather in a new standard of Behavioral Governance.

Behavioral Governance is the study of the intersection of leadership, stewardship and governance, with the purpose of developing these characteristics in leaders. In personal financial services, this would be to increase these attributes among advisors and industry leaders to advance a more trustworthy profession."

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